We are accredited installers of Legion ceramic coatings. Legion offers 3 professional only, high-grade exclusive ceramic coatings. With coatings warrantied for 3, 2 and 1 year(s). All ceramic coatings offered by us offer a full manufacturer’s warranty for longevity, superior gloss and beading, resistance against UV paint bleaching and chemical etching. All installations of ceramic offered by us come with a full application on paint work, wheels, glass, exhausts, trim and plastic body components.

All ceramic applications come with our full decontamination wash, involving the removal of tar, iron oxide and any other bonded substances – followed by a full paint correction. Here at specialist detailing, we do not believe in partial paint correction – and thus for all ceramic applications, offer up to 95% paint correction involving the removal of chemical etch marks, water spots, scratches and swirls. This includes any swirling on piano black plastic trim.

Following our correction of the paint, we extensively polish the vehicle, removing all buff marks and enhancing the overall appearance of the vehicle, providing a superior high gloss, mark-free finish.

The coatings we provide from Legion are maximum gloss, highly hydrophobic coatings warrantied for up to 3 years, however lasting up to 5 years depending on environmental conditions. These coatings are suitable for application to exhausts, wheels and calipers as it is capable of withstanding very high temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees Celsius. Please contact us for a free personalized quote here or phone Norris on 07775457701.

High gloss

Ceramic coatings provide ultra high Gloss which can only be beaten through the use of paint protection film and graphene coatings.

Chemical resistance

Ceramic coatings provide protection against harsh chemicals such as bird droppings.


Ceramic coatings offer excellent hydrophobicity, with excellent, clean beading and easy washing.

Easy washing

Ceramic coatings help to resist dirt and so your car will stay cleaner for longer, and be much easier to wash.