Full fat JCW.Full front PPF followed by Legion Ceramic Coatings 5 year durability Ceramic.This combo will […]
New car PPF detail. Ful front followed by Legion Ceramics
Full front paint protection film using 10mil centurion Maximus film. Track pack PPF also applied. The […]
New car detail with Legion Ceramics applied for high gloss & ease of washing
This stunning new car with over 600 horses now benefits from full front PPF & Legion […]
New car detail , gloss enhancement followed by Legion 3 year durability ceramics
Lovely car in with us for corrections of the clear , alloy wheel refurbishment followed by […]
We have had this gorgeous car in for a complete overhaul detail removing previous ceramic coatings […]
With us for clear coat correction and Legion 5 year durability ceramics . All gloss black […]
17 plate Discovery in with us for an overhaul detail followed by Legion Ceramic Coatings 5 […]